CrutziPlayer - Standalone Player for Browser Plugins

This is the homepage of CrutziPlayer, my own standalone player for NPAPI (and maybe Pepper) based browser plugins (like

Current Release is 0.3.0 - Changelog - Open Issues - Screenshots

Why CrutziPlayer?
Well, because there wasn't anything available, that...

  • doesn't need width/height parameters, but retrieves them from the content media (e.g. .swf files)
  • uses the Xcomposite extension for hardware accelerated fullscreen, instead of e.g. slow flash based scaling
  • provides low latency sound with PulseAudio

Why is it written in Python?
I just wanted to learn Python, and the language provides a beautiful interface to C function calls as well as callbacks... perfect for using plugins!
And, of course, as XBMC uses Python for plugins, it will be easier to integrate it later on ;-)

Which OS's are supported?

  • Linux
  • and ... no, that's it :-)

How to use it?
First, install the .deb package below.
Then, run it on any .swf file, either installed locally or remote.

I really like games from Amanita Design, especially Machinarium.
To play their demo fullscreen, just run

crutziplayer -f

F11 toggles fullscreen, F12 switches between cario zoom and plugin resize.


Nice, I love it :D
Oh, could you integrate the program with a GUI?
Like running it from the Dash, Ctrl+O and choose the .swf file :D

What about Linux distros that don't use DEBs?

Tried to install the crutziplayer_0.3.0_all.deb in Debian jessie.
Its not installing, because packages for flash-plugin have been renamed ...
That's sad! I liked this tool and used it a lot in wheezy

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