TL-PA411 Board Extraction

WARNING - This will destroy your device - WARNING

To remove the board from a TL-PA411 PowerLine Adapter, follow the steps below.

CrutziCam #1 - Outdoor Surveillance Camera

When looking for new surveillance cameras, using a Raspberry Pi together with one of the available nightvision camera modules is an obvious choice.

Either version B+ of the Raspberry Pi, or the Raspberry 2 is usable for this project. Both versions support the same camera interface (CSI), for which a couple of different modules became available at a good price point.

Standalone Player for Browser Plugins on Linux

I've just release the first alpha of my standalone player for browser plugins on linux, CrutziPlayer.

The player uses the NPAPI compatible browser plugin, but provides an universal fullscreen mode via XComposite, Cairo and XFixes. For know, only relative pointer devices (e.g. mouse) will work correctly, touchscreens could create jumping pointers.

It's far from being finished, but already runs e.g. the majority of flash based browser games.

crutziplayer -f

AC3 5.1 surround sound without passthrough, simultaneous output to both SPDIF and HDMI

Using XBMC Eden on Ubuntu 12.04 (precise pangolin) has been a very positive experience so far, including Live TV. Except for the TV remote (to turn the screen on and off), there's only one controller left that we use - the one for the Linux box running XBMC. Previously we needed another one for the audio receiver, as XBMC wasn't able to adjust the volume of passthrough sound, but that's no longer the case.

XBMC Fullscreen Pointer Issues

When setting up a Linux based HTPC, 'waf' criteria require a remote to be added to the setup, as keyboard mouse combination usually don't get accepted for the living room. While many button based remotes work fine out-of-the-box with XBMC, sometimes a real pointer devices is needed to control different applications (e.g. flash games). Also, XBMC can be fully controlled by just using the mouse.

My Homepage / Blog

My new homepage & blog has been launched by now.
I'm going to blog topics related to Linux, HTPC and OpenSource in general, and I'll publish some open source scripts that simplified my life.

I hope you'll find it helpful!

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